Is there a swimsuit you can tan through?

Is there a swimsuit you can tan through?

When it comes to enjoying the sun and getting a tan, many people wonder if there is a swimsuit that allows them to tan through the fabric. The answer is yes, there are swimsuits specifically designed to allow UV rays to penetrate the material, helping you achieve a more even tan.

How does it work?

These innovative swimsuits are made with a special fabric that is thin enough to allow sunlight to pass through, but still provides enough coverage for modesty and protection. The fabric is typically made from a blend of materials that are specifically designed to be lightweight and breathable, while still offering UPV protection.

What are the benefits?

By wearing a swimsuit that allows you to tan through the fabric, you can avoid tan lines that are often caused by traditional swimsuits. This means you can achieve a more natural and even tan all over your body, without the need to constantly adjust your swimsuit to avoid lines.

About SWIMSARA swimwear

SWIMSARA swimwear is the first Scotland based tan through swimwear brand. The fabric that we use has been scientifically proven to allow a prejudged amount of UVA rays through but stops the UVB rays from penetrating. The fabric is also unique as it holds a patent for this fabric technology and unlike other options in the market place SWIMSARA swimwear is comfortable and not see through.

The Founder Paula designs all of the styles herself in bright and bold patterns that cover a range of women's requirements in swimwear. From string bikinis and bottoms to full length long sleeve tops and full pants for more coverage and support. There is something for everyone, so when you ask is there a swimsuit you can tan through, the answer is definitely yes!

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