Does tan through swimwear work?

Yes! Our tan through swimwear is made from revolutionary, patented fabric that is UV protective with a built in SPF. The fabric has been scientifically developed to allow a predetermined amount of UV rays through, enough for tanning whilst stopping the harmful rays that cause burning from penetrating.

Is there a fabric you can tan through?

Yes! Our fabric is especially woven with thousands of tiny, micro holes. These micro holes allow a prejudged amount of UV-A and UV-B rays through to the surface of the skin.

The UV-A rays are responsible for the tanning of the skin. The fabric transmits up to almost 20% of the UV-A rays. The fabric however blocks approx. 90% of the UV-B rays from penetrating, but allows 10% through, this is vital to start the tanning process.

Built into the fabric is the same transmitting filtering effect as a responsible protection factor, similar to a SPF 8-10. However, unlike creams, oils, and lotions which rub or wash off, the fabrics' protection is absolute and constant, so there is no need to wear sun cream under the fabric.

What tanning results can I expect?

All skin types are different and will tan differently, therefore results will vary however;

1.  You must not experience any discomfort through skin burning when used correctly.

2.  You must wear the swimwear for a sensible period of time to see a darkening of the skin’s colour. You must spend at least a reasonable number of hours in one day exposed to bright sunlight early in your holiday period. 

Each day after, providing the exposure time is given, the skin will darken into brown golden suntan.  

We, however, recommend not to expose yourselves to the sun between 11.00 a.m. and 13.00 p.m. During that time over 50% of the daily UV sun rays are emitted.

As the fabric acts like a UV barrier there is no need to wear sun cream or lotion under the fabric as this will hinder the product from working.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the hems and seams are doubled over, such as the crotch, panelling, seams and strings therefore the suns rays cannot penetrate through these areas. The fabric needs to be flush against the skin for best results.

DISCLAIMER: Results vary from person to person due to how they use the product and their skin type.

Tan through fabric


The fabric uses a special polyester/polyamide yarn to specifically control UV wavelengths. The Ultra Violet-B (UV-B = dangerous burning rays) rays are almost totally absorbed by the special polyester/polyamide yarn used. The Ultra Violet-A (UV-A = the less harmful tanning rays) rays are selectively transmitted through the yarn to the skin, resulting in a safer sun tan.