Can you get a tan through a Mesh?

Can you get a tan through a Mesh?

'Can you tan through a fabric that is mesh like'? or 'can you tan through mesh safely'? are key common questions and concerns from people looking for tan through swimwear.

In order to be able to tan through a fabric, the fabric has to have a certain degree of opaqueness for the sun ray's to penetrate through to be able to touch the skin to tan. Mesh fabric or fabric with tiny holes is the obvious type of fabric that would allow UV- B rays through to be able for the wearer to tan.

The fabric that SWIMSARA swimwear uses is an innovative and patented material that has been specifically designed to be safe to wear in the sun and is tan through. The fabric has been developed and created to selectively filter ultraviolet light for safer human sun tanning with no chemical additives. The patent the fabric has is to cover the technology of being UV protective but allowing a predetermined amount of sunlight through.

People also ask does it depend on the colour of the fabric or mesh that determines if you can tan through our swimwear. I would say no to that, we design and print various colours and patterns and we see no difference in the level of tanning that happens due to the colour of the mesh fabric.

So whilst other mesh like fabrics exist in the marketplace not all of them can claim they are patented or that they are UV protective or that they are even tan through. Built into the fabric is the same transmitting filtering effect as a responsible protection factor. But unlike creams, oils, and other sunscreen lotions, which can rub or wash off, the fabrics' protection is absolute and constant, so there is no need to wear sun cream under the fabric. This is a huge benefit, not only for tan fans, or people who want to protect their skin, but there is also an environmental gain from this as there is less creams and lotions being washed away in our earth's oceans.

Based on this we can say that due to the mesh like composite of the fabric you can definitely say that you CAN tan through mesh fabric, not all types but we are proud to say that you can tan through our swimwear.

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