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Does tan-through swimwear really work?
Tan-through swimwear is designed to allow sunlight to penetrate the fabric, theoretically facilitating tanning while providing coverage. The fabric typically features a porous or mesh-like structure, permitting some UV rays to reach the skin underneath. However, the effectiveness of tan-through...
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Do tan through bathing suits really work?
Do tan through bathing suits really work? This is a question most of us think when anyone mentions tan through swimwear. People instantly think 'how can swimwear tan through when it is made of fabric'?, how can the sun possibly...
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Best Tan Through Swimwear UK
Some may call us bias but we do believe we have the best tan through swimwear in the UK. SWIMSARA swimwear is Scotland's first and only tan through swimwear, based in Stirling, Scotland we design and create swimwear for the...
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