Can you get sunburn through bathing suit?

Can you get sunburn through bathing suit?

Sunburn is problem for those that enjoy sunbathing, it is also dangerous as sunburn can cause skin cancer an increasingly more common problem for those that do not take this matter seriously.

With SWIMSARA tan through swimwear, the fabric we use is patented. Meaning the fabric has been scientifically proved and tested to ensure that sunburn does not happen whilst wearing our swimwear (under the fabric).

Our guidelines recommend that you avoid direct sunlight during the times of 11 am and 1pm when the sun is the strongest with UV rays. We also recommend that you cover, wear hats and wear a high factor sunscreen on exposed skin.

If you are wearing our bathing suits the fabric acts like a barrier or sunscreen and only allows a pre determines amount of UV ray through enough for tanning. There should be NO burning of the skin under the garment as the fabric stops the harmful rays from penetrating.

Unlike other tan through swimwear in the market you do not need to wear sunscreen under our garment therefore we cannot say if you would burn through other bathing suits. The guidance would come from that chosen brand.

The fabric that all of SWIMSARA products are made from ensure that the skin is protected whilst allowing tanning to happen, the fabric is quite revolutionary. 

Please also note that everyone’s skin is different and reacts to sun and the tanning effects differently too, each person has a different level of melanoma which is the cause of wether you tan or not. In most cases darker skinned people have more melanoma and tan more easily then someone with freckles and light skin. There are different skin types so always make sure you understand and protect your skin before exposing yourself to the sun.

In summary you don’t sunburn under any of SWIMSARA’s swimwear or bathing suits due to the textile technology of the fabric.

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