Do tan through bathing suits really work?

Do tan through bathing suits really work?

Do tan through bathing suits really work? This is a question most of us think when anyone mentions tan through swimwear. People instantly think 'how can swimwear tan through when it is made of fabric'?, how can the sun possibly penetrate and allow the person to tan? This was a question I had considered when I first started SWIMSARA, I was intrigued and puzzled about how can any fabric allow the person to tan, as logic would tell you that fabric blocks any rays from making contact with the skin and allow tanning to happen. 

However after much research and testing there are fabrics that allow tanning to happen and from these fabrics tan through swimwear and bathing suits are made. Meaning tan through bathing suits really do work. The exact science of how will be explained in the following paragraphs but once we discovered such fabric we knew we had to make swimwear from it.

The tan through fabrics in the market today all made up of thousands of micro holes and it is these holes that allow a pre determined amount of UVA through enough for tanning. However the fabric that SWIMSARA use to make their bathing suits also stop the UVB from penetrating through which are the rays that are responsible for burning. Resulting in the most even tan that does not require sun cream and reduces the appearance of tan lines (under the fabric).

Now results differ dependent on your skin type, the amount of time you are exposed in the sun and if you use the product correctly. You have to wear the bathing suit for a prolonged amount of time and at the beginning of the holiday, ideally the fabric should also be flush against the skin. Please also note to get best results skin should tan without burning and depends on your skin tone and type.

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