Does Tan Through Swimwear Actually Work?

Does Tan Through Swimwear Actually Work?

Tan through swimwear actually does work and I think many people do not believe how it could. You have to actually try it to believe it for yourself and as they say the 'proof is in the pudding'!

Tan through swimwear works by having thousands of micro holes in the make up of the fabric. These tiny, pore like holes allow a pre determined amount of sunlight through enough for tanning. The difference with the fabric that SWIMSARA use for all their swimwear versus competitors is that the textile technology is patented. As the fabric allows only a small amount of UV-A through, enough to tan whilst detracting the harmful UV-B rays from penetrating your skin which causes burning.

The fabric is UV-B protective and tan through! It is the most innovative fabric around that you can through, so yes tan through swimwear does work!

All of SWIMSARA's swimwear is made from this unique fabric, not only does it allow you to tan but it is UV-B protective, quick drying, stretchy and perfect for swimwear. We design and create a wide selection of swimsuits and bikinis from this fabric to suit all different shapes and sizes of women. As the fabric is UV-protective there is no need to wear sun cream under the fabric as you are just doubling up on the protection. But unlike creams and oils the fabric protection is constant because it does not wipe or wash off and thus is also more environmentally kinder as it does not pollute our oceans.

So to answer the question of does tan through swimwear really work, we would absolutely say yes! SWIMSARA's swimwear are all tan through and we have evidence and customer feedback to support the results that you can tan through our swimwear due to the patented, revolutionary fabric our swimwear is made from.

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