Can you tan through a swimsuit?

Can you tan through a swimsuit?

This is the most frequently asked question I get asked over and over again. The reason SWIMSARA swimwear was created and started is because the answer is yes! Yes tan through swimwear really works. This was the answer to all of my swimwear needs, tan through swimwear.

It works thanks to the composite of the fabric and the way it has been sewn. If you look closely to the material you will see that there are tiny micro holes that let a pre determined amount of UV B through, enough for tanning if worn consistently for an extended period of time.

The fabric we use is patented due to the technology of the way the fabric is woven and we are the only supplier of this in the UK. The fabric is so soft and stretchy meaning more comfort and support, it is also quick drying and breathable and once you try it you will notice the difference versus other traditional swimwear, so no more feeling soggy bums! 

Of course everyone has different skin types and tan differently due to the levels of Melanoma in their skin. We never recommend any extensive periods in the sun and to always avoid the times of 11am - 1pm, when the sun is at it's highest. However if you do have to be out and are wearing our tan through swimwear there is no need to wear sun cream under the fabric as the innovative fabric acts like a UV barrier, which is more effective as it does not wash off or lose it's consistency.

At SWIMSARA swimwear we offer a collection of tan through swimsuits and tan through bikinis. We will be launching a range of children's swimwear to match so you can twin with matching 'mini me'. Great for holiday's and knowing your children are protected from the sun.

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