How do you prevent tan lines in a bathing suit?

How do you prevent tan lines in a bathing suit?

There are many ways you can prevent tan lines in a bathing suit but the most safest and effective way is by wearing fabric that allows you to tan through. All of SWIMSARA’s swimwear is made from a revolutionary tan through fabric that let’s you tan. It is made up of thousands of micro holes that allow the tanning UVA rays through but not the harmful UVB rays through which are responsible for burning. As the fabric allows tanning, this is how you prevent severe tan lines in a bathing suit. 

There are various tan through fabrics on the market that prevent tan lines in a bathing suit, however each one has various tanning capabilities and thus varying degree of results. SWIMSARA use the highest quality tan through fabric that is stretchy, comfortable and not see through. We believe we have the most superior tan through fabric available and for anyone that purchases our products they agree versus other tan through bathing suits available.

The fabric we use is patented for the technology of safely allowing UVA rays through whilst stopping most of the harmful UVB rays through. It is the UVA rays that are responsible for tanning which if worn properly and for the right amount of time, allows the skin to tan preventing less tan lines in a bathing suit. 

As the fabric has thousands of micro holes water can escape quicker than conventional swimwear, meaning it dries very quickly. The fabric is also more breathable making the experience of wearing our swimwear more comfortable. From customer feedback they love the fact that the fabric is tan through, quick drying, stretchy, comfortable and feels amazing against the skin. 

To help prevent tan lines in a bathing suit you must purchase a swimsuit that is tan through and wear it for a reasonable amount of time to see the effects. Depending on the manufacture you must follow the instructions to get the best results, with SWIMSARA products you must not use suncream under the fabric as this will hinder the prevention of tan lines.

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