How do you think tan through swimsuits work?

How do you think tan through swimsuits work?

There is a lot of discussion and debate over the internet on whether tan through swimsuits work or not and like with most other products out there, each product works differently for different people. I doubt there is one product that works 100% of the time for 100% of people.

In terms of SWIMSARA tan through swimwear we can tell you how our product works and share with you the textile technology behind our fabric, as well as share feedback from real customers on how the product works for them.

The fabric consists of thousand of micro holes that allow a pre determined amount of UVA rays through, enough for tanning but stops the UVB rays from penetrating which causes burning. This is how tan through swimsuits work.

Now the tan results vary depending on skin type and the length the swimwear is worn exposed to the sun. With SWIMSARA fabric you don’t need to wear suncream under the fabric which can hinder the tanning process. The fabric is safe to wear in the sun as it is UV protective and comparable to a SPF 10.

You have to wear the garment for a prolonged amount of time for the sun to penetrate and tan the skin but it will tan through and give you an all over natural and safer tan. Also the results vary depending on your skin type, with or without tan through fabric some skin types do not tan well so please do not expect the fabric to tan you any differently with it on then you would without.

So in response to the question how do you think tan through swimsuits work, our answer is that it is down to the textile technology. The fabric is woven in such a way to allow the tanning rays through.


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