Does tan through swimwear work?

Does tan through swimwear work?

The question that people ask the most is does tan through swimwear work? How can the fabric be tan through? Believe it or not, the proof is in trying the product and in disbelief I was one of those sceptical people until I myself tried it.

The innovative fabric was invented in Europe by a very clever man who has patented the material technology that allows only a predetermined amount of UV-B rays through which are responsible for tanning. Worn consistently and over time, the mesh like composition allows the rays to penetrate safely through and it is the way the material is woven that has been confirmed by the patent office as an invention - how clever!

The other impressive thing about this fabric is that it is safe to wear in the sun and is UV protective, it acts like a barrier allowing the wearer to gain a tan without burning. This is revolutionary as you can now be out in the sun and get a tan more safely then traditionally before when you would wear swimwear with sun lotion*.

Reducing the appearance of tan lines is a benefit of our swimwear range, so women could feel confident in their swimwear. Having a more even, flawless head to toe tan helps women look their ultimate best, making them less worried or anxious about how they look. There is nothing more annoying than tan lines with a lovely off the shoulder maxi dress!

Now the results we get obviously vary from person to person, we all have different skin types and amount of melanin which produces different tan results. However 9/10 people who have used our swimwear have been happy with the results. 

(*we don't recommend sunbathing for long periods of time or between 11am and 1pm when the sun is at its strongest).

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