Is there a fabric you can tan through?

Is there a fabric you can tan through?

You will delighted to know that there is a fabric you can tan through and here at SWIMSARA we use one of the best fabrics there is on the market! The material that you can tan through is patented for its textile technology, meaning the ability for the fabric to be able to let UV rays through for tanning has been tried, tested and proven to tan through.

Our fabric, like others in the market place are made up of thousands of micro holes. It is these holes that allow the suns rays to penetrate through. There are two types of UV rays, UVA rays and UVB rays. Our fabric uses a special polyester/polyamide yarn to specifically control UV wavelengths.

The Ultra Violet-B (UV-B = dangerous burning rays) rays are almost totally absorbed by the special polyester/polyamide yarn used.
The Ultra Violet-A (UV-A = the less harmful tanning rays) rays are selectively transmitted through the yarn to the skin to provide that safer suntan.

All of our swimwear is made from this fabric that you can tan through, safely without burning. The fabric is also quick drying thanks to the thousand of holes, is NOT see through due to the pattern placement and stretchy, so very comfortable to wear!

Now that you know there is a fabric you can tan through the excitement of knowing you can sunbathe without getting harsh tan lines is pretty exciting. Now the hard part is deciding whether to purchase a swimsuit or bikini or both and what design or style to purchase! Check out SWIMSARA’s range where we offer a wide range of options, in inclusive sizes.

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