Is there clothing that you can tan through?

Is there clothing that you can tan through?

Traditionally many people ask is there clothing you can tan through, and the obvious answer is yes but mostly through swimwear not other types of clothing. However this any item of clothing can be tan through if it is made from the tan through fabric that the swimwear is made from.

SWIMSARA's fabric that you can tan through is made from patented, innovative material that has been proven to tan through. This revolutionary material has been designed especially for the wearer to tan through safely. The material is made up of thousands tiny micro holes to allow the tanning UV-A rays to penetrate which are responsible for tanning whilst stopping the UV-B rays which are responsible for burning. 

You can therefore use this fabric to make any item of clothing to tan through should you wish. Currently SWIMSARA only offer swimwear whether two piece bikini or one piece swimsuits however we have been asked to do men's tops and bottoms which are in the pipeline for future collections.

If you are wanting to tan through clothing then you need to purchase or make clothing made from specialised fabric that allows you to tan through it. There are some companies offering clothing that you can tan through such as t-shirts and shorts but these are limited.

So yes there are clothes you can tan through for both men and women but the most popular option of clothing that you can tan through is definitely swimwear. There are a lot of options out there but here at SWIMSARA we believe our collection and the fabric we use is superior versus the ones available in the marketplace. There are various fabric options, but some have huge holes where as the fabric we use have tiny, micro holes.

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