Sustainable as Standard

Sustainable as Standard

Nowadays I believe it is standard to be as sustainable as you can as a brand. I don’t think anyone who owns a business can not at least try and do their bit towards trying to be environmentally friendly. If we all are conscious of it and do our bit that collectively we can make a difference.

One of SWIMSARA values is to be as sustainable as possible, for us that means it is a standard way of thinking and working in all that we do. Whether from sourcing suppliers locally to supporting recycling in our packaging we try and be thoughtful in everything we do and this is important to us as a brand.

When we launched the brand we knew that we wanted to manufacture our swimwear in the UK, I never imagined when I started out that I would find the perfect factory in Scotland! So I was delighted, no actually I was hyper excited to come across an amazing female owned manufacturer called BEYONDER. Owned by female boss Christina Scott and ran by two very talented women Claire and Toheed, BEYONDER are my perfect partner manufacturer.

BEYONDER are profit for purpose, living wage employer and supporter of the Scottish Business Pledge. They strive to be the best enabling business in the textile industry and support start-ups and growing businesses at any stage of development to move their designs from concept to retail-ready products. And this is where they really helped me, along with Liisa who brought my ideas to life from pencil to paper, for BEYONDER can manufacture them.

Check them out, link to their website is

As a small independent brand we only produce small runs from a limited amount of our tan through fabric. We will always do this for all new collections as it not only keeps the designs unique but it more importantly reduces textile waste which is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. So next year, as part of our offering we will use cuts of our fabric to make SCRUNCHIES!! (An idea from one of our instagram followers).

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