What is tan through swimwear made of?

What is tan through swimwear made of?

There are many different fabrics in the market today that say they offer tan through however they are all different, so for anyone wanting a good quality, fabric that is tan through they must do their research before purchasing.

For swimwear to claim that it is tan through it much make it’s swimwear from fabric that has micro holes. This allows the UV rays to penetrate past the fabric onto the skin to allow tanning. Most products on the market today are either see through as the holes are too large, itchy as the material composite is made up of polyester. 

SWIMSARA’s swimwear is made up of a mixture of a special Polyester Yarn that has been patented for it’s tanning ability and the unique fact that our fabric is UV protective. Unlike other fabrics in the market place our fabric stops the harmful UV-B rays from penetrating and only allows a pre determined about of UV-A through enough for tanning. The fabric acts like a sunscreen but because it does not wash off like creams or oils, the coverage is constant, meaning you tan without burning.

This incredible, revolutionary fabric is not see through and has been tried and tested to ensure it’s safety for wearers.

Our fabric also features Lycra, perfect for swimwear. The fabric is stretchy and hugs the body in all the right places, there is no need for underwire because of the composite of the fabric.

Also due to the micro holes the fabric dries 5 x times quicker than traditional swimwear meaning in no more soggy wet bits. A more comfortable an airy sunbathing experience.

So SWIMSARA’s tan through swimwear is made of the best tan through fabric there is in the UK market. Don’t believe us? Come try, with a 100 day return promise, you can have the best tan without the hassle.

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